Fax broadcast through the web or empower your applications to send faxes.

Send your fax broadcasts using a Microsoft Excel®, CSV list and document or programmatically fax contacts using the Openfax Cloud Fax API.

Real-time & Post Fax Detail Reporting

Experience the convenience of real-time and post-broadcast fax reporting available online, providing you with up-to-the-minute updates on your fax broadcast.

Send right away or schedule

Initiate your fax broadcast delivery right away, or if you prefer, schedule it for a specific date and time of your choice. Simply organize your order according to your plan, and then relax as the Openfax platform takes care of the rest.

Free Test Faxing

Before sending your mass broadcast to everyone on your fax list, ensure you get a proof copy. Test faxing is available for broadcast fax orders and is completely free of charge.

Standard and Mail Merge Fax Broadcasts

Openfax offers two types of fax broadcasts: standard and mail merged. With standard broadcasting, duplicate fax numbers are automatically removed, and the same document is transmitted to all recipients.

Openfax’s mail merge service enables you to personalize each fax within your order by incorporating data from your lists.

Fax Opt-Out service

Ensure compliance with fax broadcasting opt-out requests effortlessly by utilizing Openfax’s optional Fax Removal Service. With a dedicated toll-free removal number exclusively for handling opt-out requests related to your mass fax orders, stay in adherence to regulations and respect recipients’ preferences with our streamlined opt-out process.

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