WordPress is calling your phone using Twilio

We’ve all seen websites that let us request a call back by entering our phone number, the phone rings and then you wait for the next representative. Now thanks to Twilio and a little WordPress plugin Click2Client by Alex Swan, users can now talk with your business right from their computer over the web. Of course visitors have to have a microphone and speaker connected, but with a single click your visitors can now connect to your business from their computer right to your phone.

The one downside to the WordPress plugin is that Twilo does have native support for iOS devices and mobile applications. Since the plugin appears to use Flash on the WordPress plugin it doesn’t work properly for Apple iOS users. With some encouragement, maybe Alex will implement a WebRTC version later, but for now we think its a great tool and thank Alex for his hard work!

This configuration does require you to have a paid Twilio account (but this should be very affordable for any business) and some setup, but the setup instructions provided by Alex gets you up and running quickly. If you have trouble with the install check out his instructions or leave a comment below.

Of course if you want to see if in action you can give it a try here and talk with us!

[wp_click2client id=”AP8c699ab3bd94bab617e5cff370c1a941″ caption=”TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS AND CLICK TO TALK WITH US”]

What do you think of letting users click to call? Will it improve conversion?

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