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Remote Desktop for Free

We’ve seen a lot of tools that allow us to work remotely or help customers, but some tools we’ve tried have been better than others. I have to give it to Google for their new WebRTC application and Chrome application when it comes to remote desktop access. Some of you may use Google for more than search. There’s many powerful applications Google provides for free or a small fee, but by far I have found this to be one of their best free apps.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a free plugin for Google Chrome’s web browser and your Google account. This tool lets you connect with third parties for a single session remote desktop collaboration, or register with your Google account and connect to remote computers you own even if you’re not at the other station to accept the connection request.

This is a great tool that lets you work with customers, have a meeting or work on the things that matter to you. Installation is a snap and the best part, it is free! We’ve paid for services like this time and time again. Some of the competitors you may want to look at are Join.me and GotoMeeting or GotoSupport. Some of these tools have free trials, but for the long haul I love the free Google application.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or if you found something better for me to review.

Happy teleworking!

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