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We all want our visitors to buy something; a service, a product, a subscription, but we have an obligation to be good Internet citizens. This means providing content worthy of people’s time. I hope my journey has started off doing just that. I really hope you do find my content informative and helpful.

What happens when you, the reader is done reading with my content? Do you leave? Do you find other blog posts? I hope you explore the rest of the blog, but if you don’t there’s a great plugin for WordPress to help guide visitors to the next step.

The slide works with WordPress to keep users reading more of your blog.

SimpelReach Slider helps visitors to your WordPress site find articles (posts) or pages that might interest them. After all aren’t we trying to keep people reading, learning and maybe buying?


The plugin is free and easy to setup on your blog or site, and as always you can leave me a comment with questions or just let me know how it helped your site below.

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