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Everyone’s expecting great service. Deliver.

We’ve all had horrible service experiences.

Imagine ordering your favorite coffee drink and it’s wrong. (Upset)

Imagine emailing for help and having to wait days for a reply. (Frustration)

As technology moves us to a more self serviced society we’ve been conditioned to expect instant gratification.

We’ve all had amazing service experiences.

With a single click your new desire is shipped by Amazon within a day. (Happy)

Your favorite movie is streamed immediately from Netflix without even having time to make popcorn. (Ecstatic)

As consumers we’ve grown to love people and brands that serve us well and the companies or people that don’t we abandon almost immediately.

How do you deliver amazing experiences to your customers?

It starts with providing great service, but first let’s define what a customer is. Do you consider your employees and team members customers?

If not, you should, because they’re customers too!

I consider everyone a customer, whether they’re in my accounts receivable list or not. The people I serve directly impact my company’s performance and my personal brand (what people think of me).

What does this mean in practice?

1. Answer your emails like you would an instant message or text message;

Replies don’t have to be long or complete the request, but tell your writer when they can expect a complete answer; acknowledge the request personally and do it as quickly as you can.

Deliver when promised or communicate why you’re delayed.
Over estimating and delivering sooner than promised is always impressive.

2. Answer your phone or voicemail;

As technology has urged us towards digital communications we’ve neglected some of the old stuff. Check it and respond – call, email, IM or SMS a reply.
You don’t have to return the message using the same communication method.

3. Use Skype, Google Hangouts or another video-based tool to visually connect with your customers and team;

Text-based communications are quick but lack the human factor we’re built with.
Video call with your team, customer or prospect. You’ll be surprised how a visual and human connection improves your relationship and trust.

4. Set away messages.

Everyone needs a break, but if you’re not a workaholic set an away message with your return date and alternative contact for urgent help.
Try and take a few breaks through the day to answer urgent messages or route them to the correct contact.

5. Have urgency for your team.

Your responsiveness impacts your team’s ability to deliver great service.
Be a sport and help out with courteous and timely responses.
Your lack of urgency can hinder your team’s ability to deliver great service.

Help each other – everyone is working to pay your payroll too!

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